Jake Gallagher
Jake Gallagher
Occupation Student
First appearance 12th November 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter McCarthy

Jake Gallagher was a sixth-form friend of Katy Harris’s who came to her and Martin Platt’s flat for what was planned to be a small get-together in November 2003. As with most teenage parties, the event started to get out of hand when too many arrived. Keen to impress, Katy had told her friends that, unlike them living with their parents, she could now do want she wanted. When Natasha Blease and Jake started to raid the fridge for the booze contained within, Katy began to realise that she’d bitten off more than she could chew and this message was brought home when Jake and Laura Mangan headed off for the bedroom and, to appear “cool”, she was loathe to stop them. Things went too far though when Natasha pulled a bottle of scotch from a cupboard that was a present for Martin with the intention of drinking it while Candice Stowe was sick in the sink. A brief tussle over the bottle ensued with the result that it smashed on the floor, just as Martin walked in from his late shift at the hospital. He turfed her friends out, humiliating her in the process and causing the first full-blown row between the couple.

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