Jake harman
Jake Harman
Occupation Builder
Residence Somerset
First appearance 28th October 2009
Last appearance 31st December 2009
Number of appearances 7
Played by Kenny Doughty

Builder Jake Harman was sent by Dev Alahan to fix the roof at 18a Victoria Street, the flat above Prima Doner, which Dev was renting out to Michelle Connor. Jake fell from the ladder however, and found himself dangling outside Michelle's bathroom window. She was in the bath at the time and had to get out to help him. When she brought him back into the flat, her towel fell off, much to her embarrassment. He then kissed her which shocked Michelle and she quickly got rid of him. The next day he returned to fix the roof and she called the police, worried that he was stalking her. He tried to trick her into a second kiss, but ended up getting arrested for his pains. Dev refused to pay for Jake's work on the roof, leading to Jake removing half the tiles from Dev's own roof. In an attempt to go on a date with Michelle, he opted to "return the favour" and went into the Rovers in just a towel - threatening to drop it if she declined his invitation. Michelle hastily agreed and later went on a date after she admitted she had overreacted. Jake then got a job offer in Glasgow but Michelle, although tempted, didn't join him.

He arrived back on New Year's Eve to visit Michelle. She was let off work earlier so she could see into the New Year with him, but when they returned to the flat they found Michelle's teenage son Ryan and girlfriend Sian Powers chasing each other semi-naked after they have been in bed together. Jake remonstrated with Ryan when he accused his mother of sleeping with men when she had been his age. Michelle and Jake walked out of the row and went to spend time at a hotel together before Jake had to leave for job in Somerset. Their relationship petered out thereafter.

List of appearancesEdit


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