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Jake Windass 2016
Jake Windass
Born 27th May 2013
Birthplace Weatherfield General
Residence 28 Grayling Street
Father Gary Windass
Mother Tina McIntyre (Surrogate)
Izzy Armstrong
First appearance 27th May 2013
Duration 2013 to present
Played by Harley & Layton Phoenix (2013-2015)
Seth & Theo Wild (2016 to present)

Jake Windass (formerly Joe McIntyre) is the son of Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong. He was carried by surrogate mother Tina McIntyre, who delivered him eight weeks early after going into labour prematurely. Soon afterwards, Jake developed an infection in his intestine but recovered after surgery. Tina became attached to the child and wanted to keep him, renaming him Joe McIntyre after her late father, but eventually agreed to hand him over to Gary and Izzy who changed his name back to Jake. Jake lives with Izzy, who split up with his father but often visits Gary and his mum Anna.

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