James buckley
James Buckley
Occupation Shops Act inspector
First appearance 23rd June 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by John Ludlow

James Buckley was an inspector appointed under the Shops Act who observed the Corner Shop in June 1976 after being tipped off by Tricia Hopkins that the unlawful goods were being sold on a Sunday. In his report Buckley noted the shop being open later than 9.30pm, tobacco being sold after 8pm, and non-perishable goods being sold on a Sunday, all in contravention of the Act. He then informed Renee Bradshaw of her offences but wouldn't name the person who reported her. Although Renee was never charged with anything, she offended several customers by accusing them of shopping her before she found out that Tricia had done it to spite her for sacking her and evicting her from the shop flat.

Buckley's report was brought up again in October of that year when Renee was in court applying for an off-licence. Solicitor Peter Smith, representing Annie Walker's case against the licence, mentioned the report to accuse Renee of only being after profits. Renee was nevertheless granted her licence.

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