Actor James Wooldridge (born in Bedfordshire) is an actor who appeared on Coronation Street in May 2010 as a Police Officer - called out at the behest of Norris Cole, fearing that Mary Taylor, who had accompanied him to a remote cottage in Yorkshire, was being held hostage.

As a teenager, too much time spent watching TV cemented his desire to become an actor. Instead of finding out whether London's streets were indeed paved with gold, he escaped in the opposite direction to Lancaster, where he studied theatre. He's now been acting for over ten years performing across the UK and Europe.

On screen he has been credited for roles in Spilt Milk, A Touch of Frost and Doctors whilst in an extensive stage career, he has appeared in productions including Wonderland, Absolute Hell, Romeo and Juliet, Lord of the Flies, The Steppe Brothers, Gormenghast, The Caretaker, Kes, Merchant of Venice and The Bodyguard.

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