Occupation Promoter
First appearance 5th July 2013
Last appearance 10th July 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kate Holderness

Jamie-Lee was a young woman who was the cause of a row between Ryan Connor and his girlfriend Katy Armstrong. Ryan was in town meeting Jamie-Lee and the two were spotted together by Kirk Sutherland and Beth Tinker when he gave her more than a more-than friendly kiss on the lips. They told Katy's ex, Chesney Brown, and he in turn told Katy. As the two of them had had an acrimonious split, Katy thought he was just being jealous and told him he was being pathetic. However, her suspicions had been raised and she checked the texts on Ryan's phone, finding a number from Jamie-Lee. Ryan told her she was a club promoter and could get him work as a DJ.

When he next had an appointment to meet her, he invited Katy along but she refused, citing her responsibilities in looking after her young son Joseph Brown. She followed him along though and surprised the two of them together in a night club, draped over each other. Jamie-Lee thought that Katy was one of Ryan's groupies and was surprised to find that they were a couple. Katy let rip at Ryan who protested he was only flirting as part of the game he played to get DJ-ing work. Katy accused him of more than that and insisted that he take her home but when he momentarily hesitated, she walked out herself.

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