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Jamie Baldwin
Occupation Taxi driver
Born 27th June 1980
Residence London
Father Danny Baldwin
Mother Carol Baldwin
Sibling(s) Warren Baldwin (half-brother)
First appearance 19th July 2004
Last appearance 24th April 2011
Duration 2004-2008, 2011
Number of appearances 415
Played by Rupert Hill

James Andrew "Jamie" Baldwin is the son of Danny and Carol Baldwin. He dated both Violet Wilson and Leanne Battersby, but got back with Violet after she fell pregnant with Sean Tully's baby. Jamie and Violet left Weatherfield for a new life in London in 2008, taking baby Dylan with them. However, in 2011; the pair had split up.

First and last linesEdit

"There's no need for that." (First line, to Liz McDonald)


"What am I still even doing here?" (Final line, to Violet Wilson)

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