Jamila Nazir
Born 7th December
Died 2012
Spouse(s) Kal Nazir
Children Alya Nazir
Zeedan Nazir
Played by Unseen

Jamila Nazir was the wife of Kal Nazir and mother of Alya and Zeedan Nazir. She died in 2012 from unknown causes, leaving Kal widowed and distraught. Her death left an impact on him and he hadn't looked at another woman until at least two years later in 2014 when he fell for Leanne Tilsley. He then died a year later in May 2015 during a fire at which broke out at Victoria Court.

Leanne referred to her when talking to Kal by saying "try competing with a dead woman".

In October 2014, Yasmeen Nazir opened a community centre in Victoria Street, naming the establishment "Jamila House" in her late daughter-in-law's memory.

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