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Jan McVerry

Jan McVerry is a current member of the Coronation Street writing team contributing 185 scripts to date including two co-written with Ken Blakeson and Simon Crowther. Jan has also penned editions of Brookside, Emmerdale and Clocking Off. Among the episodes she has written was the special live episode that was broadcast to mark the programme's fiftieth anniversary and the programme's 9000th episode in September 2016.

In addition she was a storyliner on the programme for the following runs:

Episodes written by Jan McVerryEdit


1997 (3 episodes)

1998 (12 episodes)

1999 (10 episodes)


2000 (2 episodes)

2002 (9 episodes)

2003 (11 episodes)

2005 (6 episodes)

2006 (12 episodes)

2007 (11 episodes)

2008 (15 episodes)


2010 (19 episodes)

2011 (11 episodes)

2012 (9 episodes)

2013 (12 episodes)

2014 (14 episodes)

2015 (12 episodes)

2016 (12 episodes)

2017 (4 episodes)

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