Jane Henshaw
Jane Henshaw
First appearance 23rd April 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Laura Mould

Jane Henshaw was a difficult and demanding customer who held a hen night for a bridal friend at Nick's Bistro in April 2014. She started as she meant to go on when she and her party of ten arrived, saying that their table was too small and demanding that another be joined with it - even though another bemused couple were using it at the time. Although the rest of the party were fine, albeit noisy, Jane sent a succession of dishes back with various complaints. Nick Tilsley thought that the topless waiter he had hired would distract her attention but the lad, Leon, had to cry off as been bitten by the owner's dog at another engagement in Cheadle.

Steph Britton had the perfect answer and got Kal Nazir to do the job himself. The substitution worked and Jane led the rest of the party smearing the desserts over Kal's bared chest. The girls left well-satisfied with their evening.

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