Janine (Episode 7159)
Occupation Waitress
First appearance 11th September 2009
Last appearance 11th September 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Natalie Blades

Janine was a waitress at an unnamed Italian restaurant who worked alongside Leanne Battersby following her move to Leeds in 2009.

After a couple of brief relationships, ex-boyfriend Peter Barlow realised that it was Leanne he truly loved after all and set off for Leeds in the hope of finding her and persuading her to come home.

As Peter and son Simon entered the restaurant and Janine showed them to their seats and gave them a menu, she explained that another waitress would come and take their drinks order. Leanne emerged from the kitchen and, shocked at seeing Peter she walked away and told Janine that she couldn't serve them. Not willing to answer when asked whether she was Simon's mother, Janine told Leanne to do her own dirty work and Leanne was then forced to serve her "customers".

Credited as "Waitress", the character's Christian name was given in dialogue on Episode 7160.

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