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Nurse Sarah Totty
Occupation NICU Nurse
First appearance 13th December 2010
Last appearance 11th January 2017
Number of appearances 4
Played by Sarah Totty

Janine was the nurse who attended to baby Hope Stape after she had been born three months prematurely at Weatherfield General in December 2010. Hope contracted an infection while in the incubator, triggering the alarms. The nurse hurried Fiz out of the room asking her to keep as calm as she could while Doctor Chadderton and the medical staff attended to the baby. She also appeared assisting the doctor in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit the following month.

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For her appearance in Episode 9076 (11th January 2017), Totty's character was credited as 'Midwife 2' but can be assumed to be the same character.

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