Occupation Hairdresser
First appearance 30th March 1970
Last appearance 1st April 1970
Number of appearances 2
Played by Rosalind Ayres

Jasmine was a somewhat dopey hairdresser hurriedly employed by Dave Smith in March 1970 when he bought Alan Howard's Salon and caused a walk-out of the existing staff when he sacked Bernard Butler because he felt that his inane chatter bored the customers.

Jasmine turned up late on her first day as she had only left the nightclub where she had met - and been employed on the spot by Dave - at 4.00am. She complained that there had been a man playing a pair of bongos in her right ear at this particular club but began her work at the salon despite this unpromising start. Within a few days Annie Walker complained about the service she was receiving from Jasmine when she came in to have her hair done and Dave’s other choice of employee, Adam, was not going down too well with the customers either. In desperation, Dave re-employed Elsie Tanner as manager but she set the condition that Bernard and Sandra Butler were also taken back on. Dave agreed and also managed to persuade Valerie Barlow to return as chief stylist. The return of these staff caused Jasmine and Adam to take their turn to walk out, but neither of them were missed by Dave.

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