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Occupation Dancer
First appearance 27th August 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sebastien Torkia

Becky McDonald organised the hen night of Hayley Cropper’s dreams when she decorated Roy’s Rolls as a Latinate café and held the party there. Hayley, who had recently enjoyed a series of salsa classes, was dreading a boozy pub crawl around town but was delighted with what had actually been organised for her. Roy was present for the first part of the evening, dressed as a Spanish waiter complete with pencil moustache but when Javier, the star turn of the evening arrived, Becky told him it was time to leave. Javier appeared to be a professional dancer and, dressed in tight black leather trousers and wearing a “Zorro”-type mask, he treated Hayley to the dance of a lifetime watched admiringly by Anna Windass, Janice Battersby, Fiz Stape, Izzy Armstrong and Julie Carp. The women however were not told that Javier was in fact a gay acquaintance of Sean Tully’s. Hayley collapsed in a dead faint with excitement at the end of the dance.

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