Jean Moseley
Jean Moseley
First appearance 7th December 1970
Last appearance 9th December 1970
Number of appearances 2
Played by Lois Daine

Jean Moseley was an old girlfriend of Joe Donelli's who turned up in the Rovers in December 1970 looking for Joe. She sat down watching each man in turn as they walked into the premises. Betty Turpin, knowing she was looking for an American soldier, introduced Greg Flint and Gary Strauss to her. She showed them the bruises on her arm and neck and told them how Joe took her out a fortnight before and got drunk. When she tried to stop him, he went mad and she thought he would have tried to kill her. She wanted compensation as she’d been off work ever since. This gave Greg and Gary their first insight in the true violent nature of the friend they thought they knew. She came back a few days later, pushing for money again. Greg gave her £20. When Joe heard of her story he dismissed her as a woman he gave one slap across the face to when she went too far.

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