Jean Stark
Jean Stark
Occupation Factory worker
Father Mr Stark
Mother Mrs Stark
First appearance 24th April 1961
Last appearance 23rd October 1961
Number of appearances 13
Played by Renny Lister

Jean Stark was a young woman who worked at Elliston's Raincoat Factory in 1961. Normally dominated by her parents, she was befriended by co-worker Christine Hardman, who let her lodge at 13 Coronation Street when she ran away from home. The Starks were worried about her new living conditions but eventually gave their blessing and apologised for their behaviour.

Later in the year, Jean started dating Jed Stone, a local troublemaker who was a friend of Dennis Tanner, another friend of Jean's. Their date didn't go so well however and her parents didn't like her dating Jed.

Jean had moved out of No.13 by June 1962.

Jean Stark was played by Renny Lister, the wife of Kenneth Cope (Jed Stone). They were married just prior to starting on the programme. Jean disappeared from the programme due to the Equity actors' strike, which was called on 1st November 1961. The strike prevented the actress from renewing her contract, so the character appeared to vanish from the narrative without explanation.

List of appearancesEdit


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