Martin 7296
First appearance 18th March 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dean Stephens

Jeff was another in a long-line of low-life conquests of Jackie Dobbs. She brought him back to 9 Coronation Street, cans of lager in both their hands, where Jackie was outraged to find Molly Dobbs packing up her things prior to leaving home. While Jeff made his much-needed trip to the toilet, Jackie alerted Tyrone to Molly's actions and he rang back to beg her to stay and give their troubled marriage another chance. Jeff entered the room while Tyrone was talking to his wife, interrupting the scene to suggest that they all stay out of the toilet for a good ten minutes. Tyrone was incredulous at his presence and asked who the hell he was. Jackie proudly introduced him as "Martin" but was quietly corrected by her latest beau. At that, Tyrone had had enough and threw his mother and new boyfriend out, impressing Molly no end and bringing about a shaky reconciliation.

Credited as "Man", the character's name was given in dialogue.

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