Jemma Marsden
Jemma Marsden
Spouse(s) Tim Marsden
First appearance 19th May 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Emma Ashton

Jemma Marsden was the wife of philandering shampoo salesman Tim Marsden. He had started an affair of sorts with Candice Stowe, although in truth it was in his eyes one based solely on easy sex rather than a meaningful relationship. Audrey Roberts had contacted people in the hairdressing trade and discovered that he had a girl in every salon he visited but Candice, hopelessly smitten, refused to listen to the older woman's advice that she was being used by a slimeball.

Jemma followed Tim on his sales round and burst into the Salon as he was demonstrating his latest wares, demanding to know who the "slut" was who was trying to seduce her husband. Audrey demanded to leave but Jemma persisted in asking who the home-wrecker was. After Audrey and Maria Sutherland were accused in turn of being the culprit, a desperately upset Candice stepped forward and confessed, only to earn an ear-bashing from Jemma for being "hard-faced, council house scum". This raised Candice's ire and she lied to the irate woman that she and Tim had laughed about his boring marriage and his nagging wife. Before a major fight could erupt, Maria pointed out to Jemma that her husband's wedding ring wasn't on his finger - it was in his pocket where it always was when he was seducing girls like Candice who fell for his chat-up lines. Jemma suddenly saw her husband for the man he was and bodily pushed him out of the Salon so that they could go home and "discuss" the matter. Tim came back the next day to say that his marriage was ended and that he realised that Candice was "the one" for him - only to end up being doused in conditioner and cut hair.

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