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Jenna Kamara 2014
Jenna Kamara
Occupation Waitress at Roy's Rolls
Born 24th April 1984
Birthplace Nottingham
Residence 15a Victoria Street
Father Lloyd Mullaney
Mother Mandy Kamara
First appearance 19th September 2012
Duration 2012 to present
Number of appearances 144 (as of Episode 8426)
Played by Krissi Bohn

Jenna Kamara is the daughter of Lloyd Mullaney and Mandy Kamara. Jenna was brought up believing Mandy's husband Johnny was her father, and did not learn the truth about her parentage until she was twenty-eight years old.

Lloyd was completely unaware of his daughter's existence until 2012 when he bumped into Mandy at a gig. Lloyd realised she was keeping something from him when she was cold towards him, insisting that he remained out of her life. He was even more confused when he called round her house and Jenna answered the door, Mandy having told him she lived alone. Lloyd decided to pay Jenna another visit and his suspicions were aroused when he discovered that her date of birth tallies with his fling with Mandy. Mandy told Lloyd to leave when she returned and Jenna demanded to know why she was so against Lloyd. She was shocked and hurt when she realised Lloyd was her real father. Both her and Lloyd felt like they'd been living a lie and Lloyd left.

The revelation that Lloyd was her father caused Jenna to throw her mum out, blaming her for everything. Jenna also refused to see Lloyd and told him never to come near her. However, he decided to make an appointment under a fake name at the physiotherapy clinic where she worked. This infuriated Jenna, but she eventually agreed to see him and get to know her father. Mandy was unaware of Jenna's contact with Lloyd until she called round to see Lloyd at his flat and found Jenna there. The two started arguing and Jenna stormed out. Mandy then told Lloyd that she was going back to Nottingham, but he convinced her to move in with him as it would give her a chance to build bridges with Jenna. However, this only angered Jenna more but after some time, Jenna agreed to make a fresh start with Mandy.

In 2013 it was revealed that Jenna was a lesbian, and she began going out with Sophie Webster, much to the dismay of her mother. However Lloyd was supportive to Jenna over her sexuality. Jenna decided to split from Sophie due to the fact about how different they were from each other. Jenna moved in with Lloyd and continued to work at the cafe. 


"No she's not, she won't be home till later. Something wrong?" (First Line to Lloyd Mullaney)

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