Jennifer Lingwood was Carla Connor's solicitor. Carla called her in September 2011 when she wanted advice about calling off her wedding to business partner Frank Foster, as she was worried what could subsequently happen to her business, Underworld. When Frank walked in on their meeting, Carla told him it was for her mother's will proceedings. Lingwood advised Carla that Frank could make life very difficult for her if she called off the wedding that she should make the break-up as amicable as possible for the best outcome. Carla was brutally raped by Frank after she attempted to break up with him.

Lingwood later met up with Carla in December and told her that Frank's rape trial would be taking place on 6th February 2012, and also represented Carla in March 2012 as she was questioned by DS Nash at Weatherfield Police Station when she was arrested on suspicion of Frank's murder.

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