Jenny Sumner was an Underworld client who was in cahoots with Frank Foster. She had often done business with Carla Connor and Underworld before becoming involved with Frank.

To begin with, Jenny seemed to have genuine sympathy for Carla and her rape ordeal at the hands of Frank, despite him being found not guilty of the crime in court. She made it clear that she didn't believe that Carla would make such an allegation up. However, after learning that Carla had agreed to work with Frank regardless, she became suspicious and quickly changed her opinion. As a result, Jenny refused to do business with Underworld due to the risky working arrangement. She offered to work with Carla if she was to set up elsewhere away from Frank, but Carla refused.

Jenny began an affair with Frank and became his partner in his scheme to buy Carla out, close the production side of the factory and outsource orders. Frank put it to his girlfriend Sally Webster that they would then reap the benefits, but secretly planned this for him and Jenny. Jenny then began to urge Carla to let Frank buy her out and offered a big order for her to set up on her own. Jenny was confident that Carla would have no choice but to accept the offer.

Frank's mother Anne found out about his affair with Jenny and their plan. She was disgusted by his deceit and betrayal of Sally and decided to tell her what Frank was planning. Sally then went round to Frank's to have it out with him and caught him and Jenny together. However, Sally was too late to warn Carla as she had already signed the factory over to Frank. Soon after, Frank was murdered by Anne after she heard him gloat to Carla about defeating and raping her. Sally informed Jenny of his death by phone. However, Jenny didn't attend his funeral and she wasn't seen again.

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