Jerry Hopkins
Jerry Hopkins
Spouse(s) Rebecca Hopkins
First appearance 17th December 1999
Last appearance 28th April 2000
Number of appearances 5
Played by Ken Christiansen

Jerry Hopkins was the husband of Martin Platt’s nursing colleague Rebecca. Their marriage was going through a bad patch because of Jerry’s refusal to start a family. Martin leant her a shoulder to cry on but this caused wife Gail to suspect that the two of them were having an affair. Persuaded that there was nothing actually going on, Gail and Martin attended the nurses’ Christmas party and they met Jerry for the first time, realising how abusive and argumentative he was towards his wife.

Jerry gave Rebecca a black eye just after Christmas and she fled to the nurses' home where Martin visited her and comforted her on New Year's Eve. Jerry turned up and accused Martin of being the reason that she left him but he argued back that they were just good friends and his violence towards her was the reason she left. Martin’s sympathetic attitude towards Rebecca did indeed develop into a full-blown affair which Jerry cottoned onto. He called at 8 Coronation Street when Martin was out and delighted in telling Gail of his suspicions. When asked to leave, he made a dig at the age difference between Gail and her husband, keen to make his own wife’s life as difficult as possible.

Tired of Jerry’s abuse, both mental and physical, Rebecca served him with divorce papers. He turned up at her flat, ready for a fight and he and Martin came to blows. Martin bested him and Jerry threatened revenge but, in the event, slunk off out of his wife’s life.

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