Jess burrows
Jess Burrows
Father Mr Burrows
Mother Mrs Burrows
First appearance 18th January 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Georgia Foote

Jess Burrows was a young girl who went along with her parents Mr and Mrs Burrows to view 8 Coronation Street when it was up for sale on 18th January 2010. Jess was briefly left alone with current resident David Platt, who told her about some of the other Coronation Street residents her family would probably not want as neighbours, exaggerating the truth somewhat as David did not want the house to be sold. When Jess repeated what David had said to her parents, they decided not to buy the house.

Jess was the member of the family credited with a forename.
The character was played by Georgia Foote, who would debut later in the year in her regular role as Katy Armstrong.

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