Jeweller (Episode 3292)
Occupation Jeweller
First appearance 16th October 1991
Number of appearances 1
Played by Christopher Kent

The unnamed Jeweller sold an eternity ring to Bet Gilroy who bought the piece on behalf of Alf Roberts as a gift to his wife Audrey to show his gratitude for help in running the Corner Shop since his collapse from exhaustion in July 1991.

Bet took Alec Gilroy along with her to buy the ring, hoping to prompt him into parting with some cash and buy her a ring too. Alec complained vociferously about the prices and looked on askance as Bet asked if discount was offered if two rings were bought, then tried on the largest diamond from the tray offered and commented that it was “rather me”. Her ploy failed though.

Audrey was unaware that Bet had chosen the ring and, when showing it off in the Rovers, commented that it wasn’t the sort of showy ring that Bet would have but rather elegant, as befitted Audrey’s own taste. Bet managed to remain silent.

Alf’s request to Bet to buy the ring was an off-screen event as actor Bryan Mosley was off sick at the time, having suffered a heart attack earlier in the year.

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