Jeweller (Episode 6660)
First appearance 8th October 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by David Woodcock

After a despondent Cilla Battersby-Brown had learned that she was only due to receive the sum of £500 from the estate of the late Frank Nichols in October 2007, she decided to go on an economy drive and proceeded to gather up belongings around the house in order to sell off. One of the said items was a gaudy-looking necklace that Frank had given to Cilla prior to his death.

The unnamed Jeweller in the shop where Cilla took the item was extremely fascinated by the piece and while examining the necklace, stated that they hadn't had anything like it pass through the shop in years. An impatient and oblivious Cilla - eager to just get her hands on some cash - asked the jeweller how much money he would give her. With the offer of "forty" on the table, Cilla intimated that it was worth a good "fifty" and threatened to go elsewhere, which prompted the jeweller to go off and check with his associate. After a small negotiation, a figure of "forty-five" was agreed. Desperate to get her hands on the money, Cilla was astounded when she realised that the jeweller had not offered her £45 for the necklace, but in fact the princely sum of £45,000.

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