Jim buckley
Jim Buckley
Occupation Dog handler
First appearance 19th February 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Martin

Jim Buckley was a dog owner and friend of Victor Pendlebury. In February 1990, Jim left his Alsatian with Derek Wilton at Pendlebury Paper Products to guard the premises after office hours. Victor told Derek to expect Jim at 6.00pm, but Jim didn't appear with the animal until 7.50pm, ten minutes earlier than the time he and Victor had actually agreed. Unaware that Victor had arranged the delay to spend time with Mavis Wilton, Derek took his anger out on Jim, complaining about having to twiddle his thumbs for two hours. Unsympathetic, Jim suggested that Derek could twiddle for England when he was finished. Worse news was to come for Derek as the dog wasn't being fed until morning to keep him mean, and when Jim left, Derek found himself trapped by the hungry animal.

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