Jim chester
Jim Chester
First appearance 8th August 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robert Whelan

Jim Chester was a guest at Peter Barlow and Jessica Midgeley's wedding in Portsmouth in 1990. Jim was a family friend of the Midgeleys and had known Jessica since she was young, being someone she used to come to if she wouldn't go to her parents Jean and Eric.

At the reception, Jim shared a contemplative moment with Ken Barlow outside the hotel. After complimenting Ken on his speech, Jim explained his connection with Jessica to him. His words resonated with a reflective Ken, who told him that he probably knew Jessica better than he knew Peter due to him sending twins Peter and Susan off to live with their grandparents in 1971 when they were six. The conversation remained downbeat as Jim observed that people commonly got cheerful at funerals and miserable at weddings. At that moment, Tracy Barlow came outside to drag Ken back inside.

Later, as Ken and Tracy got into a taxi to go back to their hotel in the city, Jim asked them if they could share with a couple of other people.

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