Jim Lorimer
Jim Lorimer
Occupation Driving Instructor
First appearance 7th July 1980
Last appearance 21st July 1980
Number of appearances 3
Played by William Abney

Jim Lorimer was a driving instructor who was employed by Renee Roberts to give her lessons in July 1980. Alf had no idea the booking had been made and was somewhat non-plussed when Jim whisked her away without any notice. He was amused though when she returned, crashing gears and horn blaring as scared pedestrians hurriedly got out of the way. Conflict arose though when Alf refused to assist Renee with her preparation, using the excuse that each driving school had their own methods of teaching and he didn’t want to interfere.

Alf also felt jealous of the attention that Renee paid to her appearance before she went out for her lessons and was perturbed when Fred Gee pointed out that being alone in a car with a woman for an hour presented numerous opportunities. The situation wasn’t helped when Jim flirted mildly with Renee in front of Alf and after a lesson Renee sat in his car with him chatting for fifteen minutes while her husband looked after the shop by himself. He made little secret of his annoyance but the two were reconciled when Renee agreed to Alf’s demand that they sell the Corner Shop to move to Grange-over-Sands.

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