Jim pitts
Jim Pitts
Occupation Con-man
First appearance 12th July 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Simon Molloy

Jim Pitts along with Frank Holmes were a pair of con-men who in July 1976 pretended to be from the Welfare and tried to con old folk into paying deposits for showers. The scheme went well until Jim put Frank onto Ena Sharples, who agreed to pay a £20 deposit for a £60 shower after hearing from Frank that he'd sold a shower to Hetty Boothroyd, an acquaintance of hers. Frank had unwittingly dropped the ball as Hetty Boothroyd had actually died five months prior, and Ena told Len Fairclough and Eddie Yeats about her suspicions and got them to sort Frank out. Whether Frank sold out his partner in crime is unknown.

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