Jim Schofield was a former resident of the St. Mary's ward of Weatherfield who had moved to the new Bannerdale Estate in 1957 but who made periodic visits back, despite it being a long bus journey away. He went into the Rovers Return Inn where Jack Walker, Harry Hewitt and Len Fairclough were pleased to see him.

Jim was an eccentric drinker who preferred his ale in gill glasses, opining that anyone who drank pints needed their heads testing. A somewhat lugubrious man, he complained about the estate, saying that if he knew then what he did now, he would never had stepped foot in it. He complained that all the mod-cons kept breaking down and the newly-built pub ("that lounge - it's like Tower Ballroom") only had three serving staff who kept him waiting hours for his drink. The three men knew Jim of old and smiled as he downed his gill back in one gulp and a moment later wondered why his glass was empty. As the evening wore on, Jim was seemingly astonished to be told that he had drunk the equivalent of seven pints and feeling that that was an unlucky number ordered another round, just before time was called.

The character of Jim Schofield was played by Gordon Rollings, three years before he returned to the programme in the regular part of Charlie Moffitt.
For the November 1961 and 1962 characters given the same name - an unusual move for the programme - see Jim Schofield (November 1961 character) and Jim Schofield (1962 character)