Jim Stoker
First appearance 20th October 1971
Number of appearances 1
Played by John F. Landry

Jim Stoker was a drinking buddy of Stan Ogden who, together with his friend, gave Jerry Booth a hard time in the Rovers due to the likelihood of Stan being sacked from the Builder's Yard to make room for Jerry. Looking elsewhere for work, Jerry made enquiries with Alf Roberts, who offered to look up Christmas temping work at the Post Office and also who had council contracts that could prove useful. Throughout their conversation, Jim made digs at Jerry, prompted by a stirring Stan, trying to get a rise out of him by calling him a layabout and labelling his cleaning at 9 Coronation Street "woman's work", and even knocking Alf for offering Jerry "supplementary benefits from t'council". Jerry kept his cool, acknowledging Jim only to tell him to wait his turn when he tried to skip him at the bar. With Jim's next dig - telling Jerry he was only good for skivvying - the proud man finally lost it and punched Jim in the face, knocking him out cold in full view of the entire pub.

Jim settled his grievance with Jerry through the courts, where Jerry pleaded guilty to assault and was given a twelve months conditional discharge. After the case was over, Stan apologised to Jerry for provoking the situation.

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