Jim Tattersall
Occupation Councillor
First appearance 4th July 1977
Last appearance 6th July 1977
Number of appearances 2
Played by George Waring

Jim Tattersall was a Weatherfield Council member.

In July 1977, he paid a visit to Coronation Street to enquire about the roles of caretaker Ena Sharples and her deputy Albert Tatlock at the Street's Community Centre. Tattersall, aghast that certain caretaking duties were not being fulfilled by the two pensioners, insisted that the bulk of the work was done by committee manager Ken Barlow and others, and that Ena had no right to live rent-free in council property as she didn't do anything at the Centre.

Ena had just been released from Weatherfield General after an accident while caring for baby Tracy Langton, giving Tattersall the perfect ammunition to oust her from the job and the flat. He told Ena that she was too old to work and that he planned to put her in an old folks' home, saying that he was merely fulfilling his duties as a councillor.

Ken joined forces with Ernie and Emily Bishop as well as fellow councillors Len Fairclough and Alf Roberts to stop Tattersall from making Ena homeless. Both Ernie and Len threatened Tattersall with violence after he made remarks about her in the Rovers. He was finally ousted when Alf told him he'd discovered that he only wanted Ena out of the flat so his niece could have the job. A defeated Tattersall then left.

Credited as "Councillor", the character's Christian name was given in dialogue on Episode 1718.
This was George Waring's fourth role in
Coronation Street. He had previously appeared as PC Hartley in 1966, Ronald Wilde in 1968 and Mr Davies in 1973. He would appear in the programme a fifth time as bigamist Arnold Swain, playing the role from 1980 to 1981.

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