Jimmy 2147
Occupation Market Trader
First appearance 28th October 1981
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sam Dastor

Jimmy was a trader on Weatherfield Market whose stall specialised in jeans and who found himself in competition with Baldwin's Casuals staff when they tried to offload spare stock on their own stall in October 1981. Jimmy was selling his for £7.47 a pair whereas the Baldwin's stock was priced at £8.99. Elsie Tanner and Vera Duckworth had a quiet morning with no sales whereas Jimmy enjoyed a roaring trade. Mike Baldwin turned up to see how his staff were faring and upon being told what the problem was, approached Jimmy and threatened a price war by cutting his prices down to £4.99. Mike offered a gentleman's agreement whereby they levelled their prices and agreed to meet Jimmy later on to discuss supplying his future stock for him.

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