Joan (2009)
Occupation Newsagent's assistant
Residence Weatherfield
First appearance 22nd October 2009
Last appearance 28th October 2009
Number of appearances 5
Played by Maggie Tagney

Following the departure of Rita Sullivan on a round-the-world cruise in 2009, Norris Cole employed a series of assistants at The Kabin who unfortunately, were not cut out for the job.

Sheila Wheeler, the first newly-appointed assistant was sacked by Norris due to her incessant wittering (although her dismissal rendered her speechless) and she was quickly replaced by Joan. At her "interview", Norris was impressed with her Curriculum Vitae and the quality of paper that had been used, but soon after offering the position it became apparent that Joan was the exact opposite of Sheila and could hardly get a word out of her - it was her mother's belief to "only speak when you'd got something worth saying".

Trying to get Joan to interact with the customers proved fruitless, although Norris saw a breakthrough when she admitted that she liked working at The Kabin as it made the days go by quickly, although following her admittance she fell silent once more. Norris saw no option but to get rid of Joan and wrote out a "Situation Vacant" sign to place in the shop window.

List of appearancesEdit


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