Joan Akers
Joan Akers
Residence 46 Percy Street
Spouse(s) Brian Akers
Children 1 son (deceased)
First appearance 1st October 1962
Last appearance 10th October 1962
Number of appearances 4
Played by Anna Cropper

Joan Akers was a disturbed young woman who, after her own child died at the age of just three weeks old, kidnapped Christopher Hewitt in 1962. Her husband, Brian, left her in August 1961 after finding out she was pregnant and she was now alone in the world.

She had been a contemporary of Linda Cheveski at school and, having met her in the street, invited Elsie Tanner to visit her at her digs at 46 Percy Street, starting to feel more and more guilty about her actions. Elsie instantly recognised Christopher and persuaded her to return the child. Harry Hewitt erupted in anger at the distraught girl but Concepta was just relieved to have her son back. The police arrested Joan on the spot and took her away.

At the time of appearing in Coronation Street, Anna Cropper, playing Joan, was married to William Roache (Ken Barlow).

List of appearancesEdit


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