Joan Walker
Born c.1874-1875
Birthplace Accrington
Died 1st April 1962
Spouse(s) Amos Walker
Children Jack Walker (1900)
Arthur Walker
Jim Walker
Louise Walker
Played by Unseen
For the daughter of Jack and Annie, see Joan Davies.

Joan Walker was the mother of Louise, Jack, Jim and Arthur Walker, and the wife of Amos. In the early 1900s, the family lived in Accrington, but by 1962 Joan was a widow and lived in Barnsley. Jack took care of Joan in her final days. At an unspecified time, she was fined for not having a licence for her wireless set and was mortified that the case appeared in the local paper. She died in 1962, aged 87. Jack's daughter Joan was named after her.

Joan was not seen in the programme. Jack's brief departure to care for her happened during the Equity actors' strike, during which only the regular cast could appear.

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