Joanne 2015
First appearance 14th December 2015
Last appearance 6th January 2016
Number of appearances 6
Played by Martha Cope

Joanne was a woman who Kevin Webster met on a singles' night in a bar in December 2015. Also there were Anna Windass and Erica Holroyd though the latter came along more to give moral support to a nervous Anna. As Kevin and the two women swapped notes on who they had met, Joanne came along and told Kevin, who she had talked to earlier that night, that she was leaving as there was less atmosphere than on Mars. Anna was mortified that she was wearing the same dress as Joanne and therefore pleased to see the back of her!

Despite there being no obvious spark between them, Kevin and Joanne got in touch and arranged to meet at Nick's Bistro. Joanne was late, nervous that her dress was wrong and that she looked like her deceased great aunty Ethel who had lived at Domino Street in Weatherfield. The two got on fine during their meal as Anna, sat across the bar with her boring date Glen, watched enviously on. Joanne proved to be a chatterbox, jabbering away on subjects such as plants having souls, nevertheless Kevin agreed to meet her again and the two parted with a kiss. Anna realised that she was developing feelings for Kevin and was not pleased when she saw him and Joanne returning to No.13 after going out together again.

Kevin started to find Joanne's attentions a bit too suffocating, though daughter Sophie Webster and employee Luke Britton were amused by her constant visits to Webster's Autocentre and the presents she gave him. She also pushed him into watching Dirty Dancing with her when she discovered that he had never seen the film. He pretended to enjoy the experience but admitted to Anna that the opposite was the case and that he wanted to finish with Joanne but couldn't bring himself to upset her. Anna did the job for him: seeing the two of them in a booth in the Rovers, she approached Kevin and loudly declared that she was keeping their baby as it her last chance to become a mother. The shocked Joanne was told that Kevin had a string of women in the area that he had used. She immediately walked out on him, upset as she thought she had finally found a decent feller.

Joanne was played by Martha Cope, the daughter of two past "Coronation Street" actors - Kenneth Cope and Renny Lister.

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