Joanne Newman
Joanne Newman
Occupation Cafcass Official
First appearance 18th May 2015
Last appearance 1st June 2015
Number of appearances 3
Played by Martina McClements

Joanne Newman was the recording officer at Weatherfield Combined Courts when the custody hearing took place in May 2015 over Max Turner between David Platt and Callum Logan.

Although events when to procedure at first, David lost his temper when Callum's Lawyer gave a character assassination about him using information supplied by Bethany Platt. The Judge temporarily evicted David as Ms Newman looked on with a stony countenance. After the hearing resumed, she recorded the judgement that a full Cafcass report was ordered and David was given interim custody of Max but Callum was also given two overnight stays a week with another hearing set for the final adjudication when the two applicants would hopefully be able to come to an arrangement over the child’s living arrangements.

Two weeks later, Joanne called at 8 Coronation Street to begin compiling a report but any hopes that David had that he could create a good impression were dashed when she walked into a blazing row between Andy Carver and Gail & Michael Rodwell, the latter having just discovered that Andy had been posing as his long-lost son Gavin. David offered to reschedule the visit and Joanne saw herself out, displeased at the turn of events.

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