Joanne Riggs
Joanne Riggs
Occupation Social Worker
First appearance 25th January 2013
Last appearance 15th February 2013
Number of appearances 3
Played by Angela Murray

Joanne Riggs was a social worker called in by Anna Windass when her adopted daughter Faye made contact through the internet with her natural father Tim Metcalfe after many years apart. Anna was concerned as she knew nothing about Tim though, in truth, her main concern was the girl could be taken from her.

On Joanne's first visit she put Anna's mind at rest by saying that legally Tim had no legal or parental rights over his daughter but they were powerless to stop Tim seeing Faye until they had carried out a full risk assessment on him.

Less than a week later she was back with the results which were that there were no safeguarding concerns why Faye shouldn't have contact with him. Nevertheless, Anna and her partner Owen Armstrong denied her contact and she started to defy them, sneaking out to her dad behind their backs. When Owen smashed up Faye's computer in a row, it was Tim this time who contacted Joanne. She called on Anna to find out the truth as to what was happening and to determine if Faye was at risk of significant harm from Owen. This caused Anna to relent and allow Tim weekly access and, in time, relations between all the parties normalised.

List of appearancesEdit


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