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Jodie Morton was the new owner of Diggory Compton's old bakery, along with her father Jerry. She was played by Samantha Seager.


Jodie and her paternal grandfather, Wilfred, arrived on Coronation Street in January 2007, to ask Charlie Stubbs why the refit on the old Compton's Bakery premises was taking so long. She found out that Charlie had been murdered, and asked Jason Grimshaw to continue with the refit. She also called Dev Alahan "cheesy" when he attempted to flirt with her. Jodie enjoyed recurring brawls with rival chippy employee, Cilla Battersby-Brown. Cilla said that Jodie had the body of her father Jerry and the face of 'Jabba The Hutt'. Cilla also called an exterminator and lied that "Jerry's Kebabs" was infested with rats. Jodie then retaliated by calling Cilla a liar and a 'fat face cow'. As part of the ongoing feud, Jodie took Chesney's beloved pet dog Schmeichel and kept him in the family's garden shed later letting him go. Jodie had a brief romance with Lloyd Mullaney. She left Weatherfield on 11th November 2007, after feeling that father Jerry had taken her for granted too many times and went to stay with a friend in London.

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  • "Won't be long." (First line, to grandfather Wilf)

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