Jodie Woodward
Jodie Woodward
First appearance 20th February 2012
Last appearance 24th February 2012
Number of appearances 4
Played by Gina Bramhill

Jodie Woodward was a girl who Tommy Duckworth briefly dated in February 2012. He first met her when her car's exhaust broke down when he was passing Websters' Auto Centre and she pulled in to get help. She flirted shamelessly with Tommy, egged on by Tyrone Dobbs who was trying to help as Tommy's relationship with Tina McIntyre was not getting off the ground. Jodie was due to meet her friend Donna Handley for a drink and Tyrone suggested she change her plans and meet her at Nick's Bistro instead. He then pushed Tommy into going to the bar with him and chatting to the two girls though he made it quite clear to them that he himself was spoken for. Jodie wanted a night in Manchester and Tyrone walked the three to Street Cars in order that they could get a taxi to take them there. Jodie wanted to drive there herself but Donna hinted that based on previous experience it was better not to! Unknown to Tommy, Tina had determined to get Tommy back and, dressed to the nines, she went to meet him but was stricken when she saw Tommy and Jodie together.

Tommy spent the night with Jodie, though he strictly considered it a one-night stand and gave her a false mobile phone number. He was therefore taken aback when she came back to Coronation Street and asked if he wanted to go out for a drink again. Put on the spot, Tommy had to agree. He forgot about the arrangement though and was put on the back foot when Jodie appeared in the Rovers for their "date" while he hadn't changed out of his greasy overalls. She wasn't put off though, saying that it reminded her of the men in the "Dreamboys" calendars. Tommy found himself bored by the girl's conversation about fame and reality tv shows and was unnerved when he saw his picture on her mobile as her screensaver and heard her refer to him as her boyfriend. When she started to talk about them having four children together - and even had names prepared for them - he made excuses about going off on a round the world trip and, in tears, she walked out on him.

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