Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs
Occupation Plumber
First appearance 9th August 2004
Last appearance 11th August 2004
Number of appearances 3
Played by Robert Horwell

Joe Bloggs was the name assumed by a plumber who Eileen Grimshaw met in the Rovers in August 2004. She was at something of an emotional loose-end after the departure of Harry Flagg and had confessed to Steve McDonald in the Street Cars office that her fantasy was being visited by a strong, silent plumber in soiled overalls who, after servicing her boiler, would then "service" her. In record time, Steve told Karen McDonald who in turn told the Underworld girls who poked gentle fun at Eileen in the pub. "Joe" was drinking there and said he was a plumber and later came back in the requisite soiled overalls. He and Eileen went back to 11 Coronation Street for a one-night stand. The next morning Todd Grimshaw took the appearance of Joe in his stride but older brother Jason was less accommodating, firstly questioning whether this was to be the state of things from now on with his gay sibling and, when put right that Joe had spent the night with his mother and not Todd, appalled that she was demonstrating to all that she too had a sex-life. This earned him a smack round the head from Eileen.

List of appearancesEdit


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