Joe egerton
Joe Egerton
First appearance 15th January 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Kieran O'Brien

Joe Egerton was a young tearaway who, along with a friend, stole Don Brennan's taxi from outside a betting shop on Belmont Road in 1990. Don had gone into the bookies to place a bet and had left the cab's engine running, leaving the establishment in time to see the boys setting off in it. Soon after starting their joyride, Joe and his friend hit a cyclist and left the car abandoned.

A week later, Don was driving a fare through Brierley Garden Estate when he noticed Joe walking on his own. Having been subjected to police questioning over the hit-and-run, Don left the vehicle and pursued Joe on foot, but Joe easily outran him.

Determined to clear his name, Don returned to the area after completing his shift and confronted Joe just after he'd parted company with two mates. When he realised who Don was, Joe elbowed him and tried to give him the slip, but Don gave chase and manhandled him in a playground. Joe broke free, only to bang his head accidentally. The fracas was interrupted by the police, whereupon Joe was quick to accuse Don of assaulting him. The pair were taken to the police station, where Joe was given a dressing for his bleeding head. On questioning, Joe denied stealing the cab and told the police that Don had just started belting him without provocation.

A few days later, Joe was brought in for further questioning about the cab theft. He and a friend pinned the blame on each other, and ultimately Joe confessed.

Two months later, Don appeared in court charged with GBH. He was fined £50 and had to pay costs.

Joe was also seen in episodes 3013 and 3017 but it is unclear whether he was played by Kieran O'Brien or an extra on those occasions.

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