Joe Turner

Joe Turner is a Welsh writer who started out in children's television, penning episodes of Children's Ward as well as the British Comedy Award-winning TV play My Dad's a Boring Nerd starring Alan Halsall and Julia Haworth. He continued as a writer on programmes such as Holby City, Casualty, Robin Hood (his episode featured Charles Dale in a guest slot), and Jack Rosenthal's London's Burning. His first Coronation Street episode was broadcast in March 1999 and he has become one of the series' most prolific writers, with 339 episodes to his credit to date, one co-credited with Mark Wadlow, four of them double episodes, an hour-long episode and four more double episodes co-credited with Stephen Lowe, Debbie Oates, Martin Allen and Chris Fewtrell.

Episodes written by Joe TurnerEdit


1999 (14 episodes)


2000 (19 episodes)

2001 (21 episodes)

2002 (18 episodes)

2003 (16 episodes)

2004 (16 episodes)

2005 (17 episodes)

2006 (14 episodes)

2007 (20 episodes)

2008 (14 episodes)

2009 (20 episodes)


2010 (18 episodes)

2011 (20 episodes)

2012 (17 episodes)

2013 (18 episodes)

2014 (18 episodes)

2015 (19 episodes)

2016 (22 episodes)

2017 (17 episodes)

Other Coronation Street related worksEdit

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