John Hall
John Hall
Occupation Police Officer
First appearance 7th November 2014
Last appearance 13th October 2017
Number of appearances 8
Played by Mark Morrell

John Hall was a police officer who called at 11 Coronation Street one night in November 2014 to speak to Eileen Grimshaw. As she was out, he informed Jason Grimshaw that his brother Todd had been assaulted and was in hospital.

In the following January, he called at No.8 and spoke with David Platt after he reported his wife Kylie missing. David gave the officer information about Callum Logan, explaining that he was dealing drugs from The Dog & Gun pub and, after learning that he was also supplying Kylie with speed, Callum threatened David and he was now in fear for his family's safety.

Six months later, he led a drugs raid on the Dog & Gun where Bethany Platt was drinking with Callum and Gemma Winter. Callum had only just given Bethany a packet of drugs to deliver and she managed to pass it to Gemma. When she tried to go to the toilets alone, PC Hall insisted that another Police Officer accompany her. He ascertained that Bethany was underage though she denied drinking. He insisted that Callum - or Pablo Escobar as he called him - go to the gents for a body search. Gemma was duly arrested and let off with a caution.

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Credited as "Police Officer", the character's name was given in dialogue in his first appearance. He was credited under the name "PC Hall" in his third appearance.

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