John Halpern
John Halpern
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 16th September 1992
Last appearance 18th January 1993
Number of appearances 2
Played by Colin Prockter

John Halpern was the solicitor who acted on behalf of the late Ted Sullivan.

Ted's widow Rita attended Mr Halpern's offices along with Ted's sister Sarah Brookes and her family for the will-reading in September 1992. The Brookes' were outraged that they had received a considerably smaller financial recompense than Rita - who was then accused by Ted's brother-in-law Philip of only marrying Ted for his money. Mr Halpern managed to successfully calm the situation and informed the Brookes' that there were certain "courses of action" which could be taken if they were of the mind that they had been treated unfairly and had reasonable grounds for objection.

By January 1993, the Brookes' had decided to contest Ted's will and Mr Halpern telephoned Rita at The Kabin to ask her to come in and see him again. He informed her that the date for the court hearing had been set for 22nd February and explained all about the procedure, although Rita told Halpern that she wasn't sure whether she could stand up to being cross-examined. However at the hearing, it was decided by the presiding Judge Lancaster that the will should be laid aside and the whole of Ted's estate was awarded to Rita..

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