John Hardacre
John Hardacre
Residence House near Knutsford
Spouse(s) Diane Evans
First appearance 3rd November 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Michael Hugo

John Hardacre was a man who lived in a large house near Knutsford with a small-holding and various other business interests attached who was selling his wife's Ford Fiesta. Maria Connor was interested in buying it and took Luke Britton to professionally assess the car.

The nervous little man explained that his common-law wife Diane Evans was selling as she wanted one like her friend's and she no longer liked the silver colour. Maria and Luke took the car for a test drive with John in the back seat but at a junction he started to mumble badly in their response to a question about directions and looked ill to the two of them. They rang both an ambulance and his wife on John's mobile who explained he was diabetic and they should give him his glucose tablets. The ambulance arrived and took John away but unfortunately it also took away the Fiesta keys and the two were left stranded in the countryside to find their way back to John's house and Maria's old car.

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