John Meadows was employed by the court and arrived at Barlow's Bookies in March 2010 to serve proprietor, Peter Barlow, with important paperwork regarding his son Simon.

With six-year-old Simon's maternal grandfather recently coming into the family's lives, George Wilson saw recovering alcoholic Peter a threat to his grandson and started to make his own decisions regarding Simon's welfare. After taking the child on a weekend to Spain, George and his wife Eve had Simon staying with them and made it practically impossible for Peter to have "access" to his son.

Meadows informed Peter that he needed to read through the paperwork carefully and was ordered to attend a court hearing the following week, stating that if he had any questions regarding the documentation, he should seek independent legal advice.

As the official left, a confused Peter turned to father Ken who explained that George - who had convinced his solicitor that Simon was at risk living at home - had been granted an Interim Residence Order and had been given temporary custody of Simon until a final decision had been made by the courts.

The character was credited as "Process Server", but his full name was given in dialogue.