John Moxey

John Moxey, second right, pictured with, from left, Felicity Young, Susannah York, Tony Finigan and Guy Verney in 1959

Born in Argentina on 25th February, 1925, John Moxey is a director sometimes credited as John L. Moxey or John Moxley. The 'L' in his name is short for Llewellyn, a name he added at the suggestion of a numerologist.

As well as a career directing British television programmes such as Coronation Street (with 4 episodes in 1961), The Baron, Z Cars, ITV Television Playhouse, Armchair Theatre and The Saint, Moxey has worked in America on series such as Mission Impossible, Magnum P.I., and Murder, She wrote. In addition, he has a large number of film and television movie credits to his name such as Genesis II, Conspiracy of Terror, Panic in Echo Park, Sanctuary of Fear, No Place to Hide and Deadly Deception among others.

He is now retired and lives in Washington State.

Episodes directed by John MoxeyEdit

1961 (4 episodes)

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