Johnny Cattermole
Johnny Cattermole
First appearance 10th July 2014
Last appearance 11th July 2014
Number of appearances 3
Played by Sean Browne

Johnny Cattermole was a friend of Todd Grimshaw and the pair had a brief fling in July 2014.

When Todd got bored with his boyfriend Marcus Dent, he faked an illness to get rid of him and instead spent the night with Johnny and brought him back to his home at 11 Coronation Street. The next day Todd invited Johnny out for a meal at Nick's Bistro and packed Marcus off to see Maria Connor's son Liam. Later on Todd returned back home with Johnny much to the shock of his mother Eileen and brother Jason. As he proceeded to snog Johnny in the street, Marcus spotted them and raced off and almost came to blows with Todd. Johnny was disgusted at Todd's deceit.

List of appearancesEdit


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